Sam Russo "Storm" CD CCCP 164-2

Sam russo "storm" cd cccp 164-2


  • Sam Russo "Storm" CD


We saw Sam Russo's greatness coming a mile away. Many bands touring over in the UK and Europe have witnessed first-hand his deep, rumbling ballads about destitution and triumph. Now we're aiming to bring this thoughtful balladeer to the rest of the world and it starts with his debut full length, "Storm". Unlike the other guys going around singing their faux-heartfelt ditties, Sam is the real deal: part scumbag, part poet; and this plebeian bard has worked a million shitty jobs to back up his claim. For fans of John K. Samson, Sundowner, Ryan Adams, etc.


01. Factory Rain
02. Holding On
03. Letting Go
04. Dead End Roads
05. Cold Feet
06. Bars Like These
07. Get On Home
08. Tinned Peaches and Diamond Rings
09. Dry Shampoo
10. Storm

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