Elway "Hence My Optimism" 7" CCCP 158-7

Elway "hence my optimism" 7" cccp 158-7
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  • Elway "Hence My Optimism"

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Elway released their debut full length, "Delusions", in 2011 and went on to make quite a dent in the DIY punk scene. Armed with that breakout album, they toured their asses off, made lotsa friends, and won over loads of new fans. Something else must've happened in that time, because Elway's songwriting has further improved, and that's clearly evident on these four new tunes that make up "Hence My Optimism". These are gutsy and efficient punk songs, sure to please the Elway faithful, but even more certain to garner them more new fans. Think The Lawrence Arms meets Propagandhi; it really is a promising step up for the band and a big favorite here at the Red Scare HQ.


1. Dear Colorado
2. 25 Years
3. Note to Self
4. Take Me, Stabler

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