Elway "Leavetaking" CD CCCP 169-2

Elway "leavetaking" cd  cccp 169-2


  • Elway "Leavetaking" CD


Much has happened since Elway's first record: That dork John Elway tried suing them over his dumb last name; the even bigger dorks at MRR deemed them not punk enough for their magazine; and they got to play shows with cool bands like Against Me!, NOFX, Dead To Me, BTMI, etc. Not bad for a buncha cruelty-free, dumpster-divin', god-hating dirtballs from the hippie haven that is Colorado.

Recorded at Atlas in Chicago (Menzingers, Alkaline Trio, Smoke or Fire), "Leavetaking" is the product of (no shit) 22 cases of Busch Light and some long, long nights. With a great debut and even greater EP in their wake, the table is set for Elway to step up and be the next shit-hot band on Red Scare, and we're sure this is the album to do it.


01: The Great Divorce
02: Salton Sea
03: Prophetstown
04: One Flew East
05: One Flew West
06: Someday, Sea Wolf
07: Christopher
08: Banned From Gun World
09: Montreal
10: Ariel
11: There Is A Line
12: Patria Mia (Room 20)

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