Druglords of the Avenues "New Drugs" CD CCCP 165-2

Druglords of the avenues "new drugs" cd  cccp 165-2


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Led by the revered Johnny Peebucks on vocals and Matt Grayson's ripping guitar, this second release from Bay Area's Druglords combines the punk stylings of The Dwarves and Circle Jerks with more varied influences like Pogues and Pixies. Some wild rhythms, audacious lyrics, and crafty guitar leads make for an eclectic 13-song record of rowdy, singalong punk rock. Plus, we think there might be a Christmas song on here? Bing would be so proud!


01. There's Something Seriously Wrong With Me
02. Brandy Breath
03. Take Your Meds
04. MacGowan's Seeth
05. This Is A Pig
06. Such A Bore
07. Forward To Fun
08. For My Life
09. Don't Mind Me
10. Highway
11. Fucked 17
12. Might We Dance
13. Hooray For The Holidays

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