The Lillingtons "The Backchannel Broadcast" CD CCCP 106-2

The lillingtons "the backchannel broadcast" cd  cccp 106-2


  • The Lillingtons "The Backchannel Broadcast"


The Lillingtons have finally eluded the relentless spacemen and are now forced to tangle with new, terrestrial foes like spies, outlaws, and treacherous commies. Who knew Wyoming was such a perilous battlefield?!? Originally released by Lookout!/Panic Button in 2001, Red Scare has happily unearthed the tapes and brought this pop-punk gem up to speed with new artwork and an updated mastering job from original producer, Mass Giorgini. High adventure awaits you on this now-classic reissue!


1. Final Transmission
2. Mindcontrol
3. The Kids
4. El Pamino
5. Dynomite
6. Mr. So & So
7. One Armed Man
8. Danger Lights
9. Blue Steal
10. Santa Fe-O
11. Thunderball
12. The Russians Are Coming
13. Wrecking Ball
14. Badman With The Devil's Hand
15. Six Ways To Die

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